Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dumb Thumb

We are having a nice soft snow this morning with a huge storm heading our way.  It might be an ice event though.
 It snows in my kitchen.  I should have replaced these windows years ago.  See that stink bug gap?  There is actually snow on the radiator top.  It blows right through the gap.  Shhhh...I sort of like it.

 I would still like to get another few good storms before winter leaves!

 Hey, guess what I did this morning?  Short by one month from when I almost cut my thumb off last year, I cut almost the entire top of it off earlier today. Remember the Vietnamese Coffee thumb cutting disaster of last year?

The assassins.  Note to very careful when cutting crusty bread.
It is one of those shallow cuts that you don't need to waste time going to the emergency room because you can treat it the same at home.  I used this quickly.  Hurt like hell!!!
Then I bandaged it and put a finger cot on it.  My husband is out buying me super glue right now.  That is how they treat it in the ER.  Superglue it and pray. Notice that I only have my thumb left on my hand.  I cut off all the other fingers!  NOT!  But I really better start being more protective of my digits.  Digit appreciation is called for.