Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The 4th of July Party

 I cooked for 13 straight hours yesterday for The Blog Tech's party.  We had his patio all fixed up for the event and then it rained.  It rained throughout the whole party so we had to move it inside to his basement.  It was soggy but it was still fun.  I made these American eagles for dessert.

 And sugar cookie bars.

 Russian salad.

 A blueberry cake.  As usual, I forgot to take many pics. I took this before I finished decorating the cake.

 Bacon wrapped Lit'l Smokies in a brown sugar sauce.

 We even used the top of his washer.

 It worked out.

 We set up tables for the hot food which we kept in slow cookers.

 And we set the salads up on ice.

And I served blurry sliders.  Hope you had a fun dry 4th!