Thursday, May 1, 2014

Another Ramp Festival

 Yes, we went to a second ramp festival.  What can I say, we love these mini adventures.  This one was way out in the boondocks. We had to drive down a one lane road to get to it.

 This was in a very rural section of West Virginia.

 A marlin house.

 This festival was not nearly as big as the other one we visited.

 This does not look like much but it was a very good ramp salad.

These were called veteran dogs and were free to all vets.  For everyone else, they cost 1.00.  They consisted of a hot dog covered with chili, mustard, sauerkraut, cole slaw and yep, ramps.  Quite a bargain for a buck!
 The prices for everything were very affordable.

 This is a ramp kielbasa sandwich with peppers and onions.  The sausage was made with ramps inside of it.  Excellent!

 We left with more ramp jelly and bad breath.

 We took side roads the whole way home to see what we could see.

 It was a wonderful trip on a beautiful spring day.

No more ramp festivals until next year but we have some other exciting mini trips on the horizon!  Stay tuned.