Friday, July 13, 2012

Italian Caprese Sandwiches

 This is one of those recipes that was so good I forgot to takes some essential photos of it.  Though lots of things in my garden are not growing well because of the drought, my tomatoes and basil are going gangbusters.  I made the fam these sandwiches the other day and they loved them.  On my homemade bread, I layered slices of Asiago, Provolone and some imported salami.

 I added some pickled red peppers, fresh Mozzarella and lots of fresh basil.

 I mixed some olive oil with balsamic glaze and brushed it on the Mozzarella.

 I topped that with slices of freshly picked tomatoes sprinkled with sea salt.

 After assembling the sandwiches, I covered them with parchment paper and put them in a 200 degree oven with another cookie sheet sitting on top of them weighted down with a frying pan.  I wanted them to press as they cooked.

Then I forgot to take pics before everyone dug into them.  This was The Blog Techs after he had begun eating it.  They did not last long.  There were many ooohs and ahhhs as they were devoured.  They are also excellent wrapped and chilled and eaten cold.  If you have any leftovers!