Sunday, September 8, 2013

More Fall Decorating and Pumpkins

 I found pumpkins...big pumpkins!  They weigh over 40 lbs. each.  Click for a closer look.

 I still need more.

 These were so heavy that they flattened the tires on the wagon as I was pulling them to the checkout.

 I made new cushions for the front too.  I am not a sewer!  I broke 3 needles and did plenty of stitch tearing before I completed these.

 The basket holds extra flowers but I thought it looked nice enough that it became part of the decorations.

 The lanterns are filled with mini pumpkins.

 My helper took a nap.

 A few more pumpkins and the front will be finished.

This week we will be in the 90's....bummer!