Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bad Kitties Caught in the Act

 For Xmas, I bought my husband some outdoor cameras to record activity in our gardens at night.  You can see a critter on the lower left in the above photo.  Do I have a pig in my garden?  That would be a story in itself since I live in the city.

 Is this a cat or a raccoon taking a drink from my pond?

 This is a bad kitty for sure.

 Teddy goes a bit crazy whenever we go down to the lower gardens and now I know why.

Caught in the act.  I must admit, I was hoping to see nothing walking around my gardens when I am not there.
 I sure hope this is my husband. If not, I am moving.  If it is, what the hell was he doing?  If you don't hear from me for a while, call the cops.

 Intruder alert!!!  A vicious chow chow on the loose.

 A daytime bad kitty.

 And it is staring at my fish of which I can only find two.  There were seven.

Now I just have to time Teddy's visits with those of the bad kitties.  Problem solved.