Sunday, September 19, 2010

On The Road Again

Today we have taken off on another road trip, hunting down Fall. Today's post will just show more of the countryside from the trip we made to the farm market.

We passed a lot of apple orchards.

You could smell the apples in the air.

Then we saw this sign.

Ah apple stand straight ahead.

How cute!

Even the owners house was cute. I sure could have fun fixing this place up. I love to redo homes but my latest favorite is to do cottages and this one has such potential. The mortar between the stones is called 'stick mortar'. It was very popular when these types of homes were built.

I dream of buying a barn like this and turning it into a house. I would love to live in a barn.

Next we came upon a cemetery.

Which was next to this church.

It has it's original bell on display.

This place had way too much going on. I drive through the country mentally redoing the houses. What can I say, my life is a bit boring.

We passed lots of farms.

I think this is a scarecrow.

I sure hope it is or someone is really in trouble.

Another white church.

With another cemetery.

These churches all have their own cemeteries but none seem to have more than 50 people buried in them.

Yeah!....a decorated house.

And another white church and cemetery. These churches are literally 100 feet from each other.

These roads will soon be filled with leaf peepers out to see all of the Fall colors.

And to add to the Fall experience we could smell the smoke from this fire.

Some of the farms were tidy and cute....and some weren't.

Old barns like these pepper the countryside.

When Teddy sees "big puppies" like this in the fields, she cries like she is in pain. It's unnerving! I can't imagine what goes through her mind. Does she want to play with them or eat them?

I want this house. I don't even know that I would change it very much. It certainly is perfect for Halloween.

Country roads, take me home....this pic made me go all John Denver on you.

Not much more to say about these pics.

Just sit back and enjoy your trip to the country.

And know I am probably driving by a lot more of this today as you read this post.

And Teddy will be crying each time we pass the "big puppies".

And we will be laughing like crazy!

Psycho house! The front door is boarded up but there is an A/C unit in the window and a satellite dish.

And just over the knoll in the road....

A touch of red.

The corn has just been cut in the back field.

The hay has been bailed. I got so excited when I saw this that I told the Blog Tech to photograph the hails of bay. Sometimes I do that. I once ordered a lemon turd cart in a bakery. My daughter wouldn't talk to me for a week.

I really have a thing for bailed hay.

Another barn I would like to get my hands on.

I love driving through these little rural towns.

It's time to bake an apple pie with freshly picked country apples.

*I will be back tomorrow with hopefully some good pics from today's country road trip!

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On the way to the country farm market, the Blog Tech and I passed through a small rural town.

The first thing we saw was this. I almost wrecked my car.

Whoa baby!!!

Then I saw this cute little shop. With that, we decided we had to stop.

It was so charming inside. Notice the potato sacks used as drapes.

It held a combination of new and old.

Six of those grain sacks now reside with me! And they were only $2.00 each.

A cute little Halloween sign.

We smelled sausage cooking somewhere so we took off on foot to explore. We found some nice Victorian houses.

These people sure like purple.

Score....we found the sausage source.

We were so early that a lot of the tents we not set up yet.

You can look at this street and imagine the bustle of the crowd in a couple hours.

The firehouse had a sidewalk sale.

The churches were hosting bake sales.

Looks like this guy found the sausages too.

This was my favorite booth. This woman does some seriously cute things with gourds and pumpkins.

I wanted the big one but it wouldn't fit in my car.

This did not tempt me one bit. I don't want to be in a tiny trailer with slithering anythings!

This guy set up his own little yard sale tent.

I snagged these from him for $4.00.

You can't have an Oktoberfest without a dude dressed in lederhosen. Well, ok.....maybe these are khaki shorts but he has the rest of the costume down pat.

And seemed to be proud of it too. He is the Oktoberfest cryer.

And the Blog Tech dove on this one.

Click to enlarge. He chose the birch beer with a scoop of vanilla. All of the sodas were homemade. Blog Tech heaven.

The Blog Tech brought a few of these home.

Penguin painted gourds.

*Tomorrow's post will be dated today because I am leaving very early to head back out to the country to visit another small town. I will post pics of the trip when we return.

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