Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Wizard's Wand

My router is working at the moment so I am putting up a quick post.  I have some little friends that love everything magical.  I am making them wizard's wands.  They are really fun to make and very easy.
I forgot to take picks of the first few steps but basically you start out with a chopstick and glue and wrap it with a piece of art paper.  Just a sheet of colored art paper. Cut one end off and leave the other end with a tapered point.  After it dries, drizzle hot glue all over it.
 I glued a few 'gems' to the flat end.  Paint the entire wand with acrylic paint.

 Glue additional gems or stones to the wand.

 I put hot glue all around the gems so they would not fall off easily.

 Let your imagination run wild.  I painted part of the handle end a redish color and added gold accents and more tiny crystals.

I used my jewelry findings and made a fancy chain to attach to the side. A good wizard should always have a very fancy wand.
 This is a chain I made for another wand which I will show you when it is finished.

Click for a closer look.  It's ready for small hands and big spells.