Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Saturday

 We headed out early on Saturday to make a stop at Cleveland's West Side Market.

We always have fun here and this was no exception.

There is always so much to see and buy.

We loaded up on something called Polish Boys which are a Cleveland specialty.

They are a cross between knockwurst and kielbasa and you can get them in hot or mild.  We got some of both.

We picked up lots of 'necessities'!  So much so that I need to do a major freezer cleanup later today to make room for everything.

Sadly to say, this is the festival we went to. Sorry for the bad photo and the only one at that.  It was pouring rain and cold.  Everyone was hovered under tents.  Unfortunately, the festival was so small that the people actually fit under the tents.  This was a Big Green Eggfest, as you can see the BGE's along the perimeter of the tents.  I own one of these grills and am not up on all of it's uses so I thought I might pick up some tips from this event.   People were shivering and huddled and no tips were to be had.  I picked up some smoking chips and a smokestack I needed and I guess I will just have to depend on my own knowledge when it is time to grill.
It was not a total loss because we headed to the West Point Market in Akron afterwards.

I love this place.  They carry things that I usually can only purchase online.

I drink a LOT of green tea so I bought some of this which is excellent.

And I bought a flask of my favorite blurry honey.

That's better.....Tupelo honey. If you want to order some or read about it, click here:   If you want to listen to it, even better, click here:

I also bought some orange blossom honey too.  We went to one more festival this past weekend which I will post tomorrow.