Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Guests and No Computer

Sorry I haven't been around. The Blog Tech left me for the weekend and my computer quit functioning so I was computerless for 3 days. It was awful! My guests arrived on Friday and I had some food ready for them to munch on. I made a platter of pate', meats and cheeses.

And a fresh loaf of my rosemary no knead bread.

This is my pumpkin witch string dispenser at the guest house.

The patio was welcoming.

And the front porch was a place they really enjoyed. It was horribly hot and humid the whole weekend and sitting on the porch was great because it was shady and there was a breeze.

I noticed that The Blog Tech's maple is changing colors.

And my tree peonies pods have opened.

They never cease to amaze me by how cool they look.

We went to an old cemetery to have a look around.

I love the old tombstones with photos.