Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Feeding the Kids

 This is what I made for the kids to eat yesterday after school.    Queso, salsa and cowboy  was a big hit.  These kids are teenagers and they sure can eat.  I have a real dilemma though.

 The program ends next week.  There is no program for 5 weeks and then the summer program begins.  However, the summer program has four times the number of kids in it which makes it prohibitive for me to provide food.  Cooking for these kids is entirely different than cooking for the shelter.  The shelter had a kitchen, so when I took large quantities of food to them, they were able to keep it warm.  The food for the kids has to be ready to serve when it arrives.

Yesterday, one of the kids told one of the adults that no matter how bad his day is going, he looks forward to coming to the center to have something good and healthy to eat.  What am I going to do?