Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY Garden Markers

Cute, huh?
I bought this nice enameled bowl at a thrift store the other day for 1.99 and picked up all of these wooden utensils for 49 cents each.
I turned them into garden markers.  So easy to do and they are very sturdy.
I took them down to the garden this morning and took some photos on the way.  And, I have no idea why the narrative is on the side of some of these pics.

 The lavender is growing like crazy and ready to bloom.  It smells wonderful.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangea blooms are awesome.

 You can see the pollen on the leaf.  It makes me sneeze.

 I found out that I am as dangerous with a power washer as I am with a glue gun. I washed lots of stuff and it was lots of fun!  Look at the difference between the clean and the dirty part on the table.

 A clean fireplace area.

 Look at the difference in the door!

 Now I need to sand it down and oil it.

 The garden is filling out nicely.

 The tomatillos seem to double in size overnight.

 The Serviceberries are ripe and we are eating as many as we can.  And yes, that is dirt under my nails.  I always have dirty hands in the garden.

 I snipped more scapes.

 For some reason, Teddy did not want to join me on the garden walk.

The markers in place.  Click for a closer look.

I am going to buy more spoons and make more markers.  They look cute in the garden.


That is a wagging tail you see.  She was very happy when I returned from the lower gardens.