Monday, August 8, 2011

To The Country

Though I am a city girl, I dream of living in the country. I have always wanted a small farm. And a tractor. I have a thing for machinery. I could do major damage with my own little Bobcat.

We took Teddy and headed to the country for the day to get her out of the house and to see if anything "FALL" was available yet.

We hit one of my favorite farm markets.

It is in a cute little rural area.

This was all they had in the way of flowers. I was hoping for mums.

They told me I was about 2 weeks too early.

They had watermelons where I hoped to see pumpkins.

In two weeks I hope I will be seeing orange!

They had wonderful local peaches and I bought some to make a peach kuchen.

And they had their first apples.....SCORE!

An apple pie is in the near future!

Teddy waited patiently outside. Click for a close up.

Teddy hears something.

It's mama!!!

Hi cone head!

Teddy loved seeing the "big puppies"! She cried because she wanted them so bad.

The hay has been harvested.

The "Psycho" house.

I just want a little farm house on top of that hill.

And some "big puppies" for Teddy to terrorize.

I came home with some local sweet onions.

And some of the Ginger Gold apples.

White and bi-color local corn.

Another score...more Ancient Sweet peppers. They have already been roasted and lots have been eaten.

Local braided garlic.

Fresh new potatoes.

And one of my favorites! Amish hulless popcorn. It is the best!

More coming up on the other day trip. Tomorrow is Teddy's check up and the cone should be gone. Hallelujah!!! The Blog Tech is supposed to do a guest blog from the hospital.