Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baked Ziti for the Shelter

I made bolognese sauce with my tomatoes and peppers and decided to make a load of baked ziti for the shelter.
 I boiled 20 pounds of dry penne for this.  I went through ten large containers of ricotta cheese.

 I used all of my biggest bowls.

 A huge pot of sauce.

 These were so heavy I had trouble lifting them.

 A couple of the guys walked out to my car with me when I was leaving the shelter.  They thanked me for the food.  They asked me if I noticed what the cook was making them for lunch?  I sure did.  Ugh!  Someone gave them dried out cooked ground meat.  I swear, it looked like it had been sitting out somewhere for a week.  The cook had dumped ketchup all over it and was mixing it with brown sugar.  He was attempting to make 'sloppy joes'.  They looked awful. This is why I can't stop cooking for the shelter.

The Blog Tech and I are off to our second Fall festival today so I will have lots of photos tomorrow.