Monday, August 29, 2011

Almost Done!!!!

Puppy butt alert! Here we are beginning the descent to the guest house.

It is a long way down and Teddy checks every square inch.

We just cut the perrons so they are easier to navigate now.

A very, very long time ago I painted this desk chair for my daughter.

She has always been a cat lover.

HeHe...that is The Blog Tech hanging on the wall at age one!

I could barely get a foot in this room yesterday morning. It was being used as a closet/office.

It is much better and after today it will be excellent.

The other second floor bathroom.

The garden is filling in. It would help if we got a bit of rain!

The patio is in good shape. Now I need to wash the front porch.

The ascent is much harder.

Teddy crosses the creek by stepping on the stepping stone.

By the time she reaches the top she is panting hard.

She is always glad to come back home.