Friday, July 20, 2012

Double Double Toyle and Trouble

 I am very deep into a huge cleaning job so all I have to show you is my new bracelet.  But it is not just any bracelet...oh no, look closely!  Click to enlarge the photos.  I custom ordered this from:  Kate is the cool chick that makes this stuff.  You have to check her site out to see all of the very clever things she creates.  And maybe you will want a custom one too!  Though I must say the cheaper ones ready for instant shipping are very tempting too. She made this and shipped it to me in no time at all.  I have already custom ordered another one!

 One side of the bracelet has the best graphic of a witch on her broom with a black cat.

 Double double toyle and trouble Fyre burne and cauldron bubble is in large print over the cuff.  In small print in the background is the page from Macbeth that this saying comes from.

How cool is that?