Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Halloween Giveaway and Devil Poppers

The winner of the Amish basket from last week is: beverly@beverlysbackporch Send me your info and I will mail it right out to you. I brought it along on my trip so you won't have to wait long for your prize!

This weeks Teddy's Treats giveaway is for a basket of Halloween. It is filled with all sorts of goodies. It has some miniature Indian corn, honey bear, Halloween candies, dip mix, a Halloween mask, etc.. To enter, leave a comment on this post. If you are not already a follower, sign on to follow. The winner will be announced next Saturday and a new giveaway from my trip will be posted at that time.

I will be gathering all sorts of treats on this trip and will use them for several of the next giveaways.

This is a short post since I am en route to New England. I've posted these before but I thought it was worth showing them again for the new followers. Plus, this is a great Halloween recipe. Some of you know these or something similar to these as poppers. We call them Devil Poppers because of how scary addictive they are. When a tray of these is placed on the table, people turn into demons trying to eat as many as possible. Someone once told me that I could sell these on the street like crack...thus the name.

To make them you cut the jalapenos in half and scoop out all of the seeds and veins. I wear rubber gloves. Note to self and to anyone attempting to make these: put your contacts in before you start this recipe if you wear contacts. It is painful beyond belief otherwise. Trust me, I know this first hand.

I like to try to leave the stems on when I can because they make neat little handles.

Grate some sharp cheddar cheese and mix it with a bar of cream cheese.

Fill each pepper with some of this mixture.

Top this with a Lil' Smokey sausage.

Wrap the entire pepper with a strip of thin sliced bacon. Pull the bacon tight as you wrap the pepper. When the peppers cook the bacon shrinks and makes a nice tight popper.

Bake these on a rack set over a cookie sheet at 375 degrees until the bacon is crisp. This takes approximately 45 minutes. The smell....OMG, the smell!!!

And take my advice on this one; make a ton of these. I made 50 of them recently for my daughter's friends. They were gone in under 10 minutes eaten by a handful of people.

I made these for the same group last summer and one of the guys said he thought about them every single day since then. They are truly evil!

Since you remove the seeds and veins these are not particularly spicy. But they certainly are delicious! You won't be sorry if you try this recipe. Unless of course you happen to rub your eye!

*Tomorrow I shall begin posting pics of the trip