Friday, July 15, 2011

The Potting Table

I decided it was time to transform from Summer to Fall in the patio area. I took all of the birds off of the potting table and put up mushrooms and a couple of pottery pumpkins. Click any of the photos for a better view.

The cat is waiting for the bird to return home.

A couple of morels grow under the table.

The iron cat with the glass eyes stares from within the cage.

I also cleaned up the sink area. I put out a few pottery witches and some ceramic pumpkins.

I am leaving lots of room for real pumpkins and gourds when they are ready.

The spider on the side of my wood burning oven.

A cement cabbage.

And another Salem Witch Day Lily bloomed.

A copper spider web hangs from a tree.

A toad peeks out from under some flowering mums.

The potting table will wait less anxiously than I for further adornment. Grow pumpkins grow and grow fast!!!

My pickup is ready to bring home a load of straw and cornstalks.

The Old Witch's Garden.

Toads, mice and a pumpkin.

I broke out the Halloween apothecary jars.

And filled them with treats that remind me of Halloween.

I even got out my glass corn silo.

And filled it with what else but candy corn!

I am dreaming of Fall breezes.