Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Morning Garden Check

 One of the things I most like about gardening is seeing the day to day changes.  There is always something new.  Click on any photo for a closer look.

 And there are some things that always stay the same.  Like the puppy's morning necessary scratches by The Blog Tech.  He can't move until he gives up some scratches.

 These magnolia pods will soon be turning red and dropping to the ground to give up their seeds.

 The hydrangeas are in bloom.

 The pool peppers are growing.

 Teddy always pauses when I open the gates to take in what lies below.  You never know, there might be bad kitties hiding in her garden.

 Time to thin out the lily pads.

 I love this view up the creek from the middle pond.

 The Black eyed Susan vine is reaching out and attaching itself to the wire basket.

 Beans growing up twine attached to the service berry trunk.

 Oops...blurry, but this is the first fig.

 I have plenty of zucchini blossoms but none are setting.  Does anyone know why?  I have plenty of bees so it isn't a pollination problem.

 Soon to be red tomatoes.  I have picked about 20 tomatoes so far.

 A teeny tiny eggplant and eggplant blossoms!

 No nasturtiums, you are not a herb.


 No blooms on the okra yet.  I LOVE okra!

 Lots of green tomatoes.  I planted about 50 tomato plants this year.


 The Bougainvillea continues to grow up the Christmas tree trunk.  It has almost reached the top.

 All of the Hostas are starting to bloom.

 The tiger lilies are blooming in the flower bed.

I told you Fall is coming, the Oakleaf Hydrangeas are turning.  First they are white, then pink, then burgundy and finally brown.