Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Garden Work

This used to be my wonderful Silver Maple that I designed my patio/sink area around.  It is dead.  Killed by my fool of a neighbor.  He just had to put a small plugin fountain right on the other side of the fence and so he just had to dig out all of the roots on my tree to level it.  Now, not only is my tree dead, I have  a gaping hole in my privacy screen.  I am going to try to plant some small arborvitae which will take years to fill in.

Meanwhile, see the two tubs on either side of the trunk?  I am going to grow some climbing roses and clematis up the trunk and into the branches.

I moved this planter and am about to disassemble it and move a raised bed planter into this area.  It receives partial shade so this will be a good spot for lettuces, basil and cilantro.

I think it is time for a fire.  I cleaned these twigs up from around the yard.

I've moved my bay trees outside. They did pretty good wintering over in my garden room.

This is the raised planter that will be moved to that spot.

Big cleanup needed in the perennial beds.

And oh, the shame of it, these are my gooseberries and currents I bought last Fall and never planted.  I need to get them planted soon.

It's hard to imagine this might eventually be beautiful!

My big vegetable garden down below has not done well the last couple years because as my trees grow, it receives too much shade.  I've been planting veggies in pots on my driveway which has not been ideal.  The pots are too small and it's tough to keep up with the watering when it gets really hot.   So, I have other plans for this year.
I brought in the big guns!  These are galvanized horse troughs.  I should have a great garden this year when I turn these into planters.  I will show pics when I prep them.
Teddy is still holding up her boo boo.

I went to my favorite garden shop when it opened yesterday.  I will have to be careful with everything with inevitable cold temps at night.

I couldn't help myself though.  I am so ready to plant.

I even bought a couple vines which will have to stay inside for a while.

But first I have to turn these into jam for the shelter.  I have to bake biscuits to go with them.