Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Fair in the Woods II

 Weaving.  This is something I have always wanted to learn to do.

 Click to enlarge.


 I have always wanted to learn how to spin too.

 Look at this lathe.

 She pumps the peddles to turn it while he uses the tools to shape the spindle.

 I bought more apple cider here.

 See the guy throwing the apples into the top.

 The other guy turns the handle to press the apples to extract the juice.

 Just hanging out at the cabin.  Check out the roof.

 Later they will prepare dinner over an open fire.

 This is my kind of cooking.  I would love to still prepare food this way.


 And bees wax candles.

 I bought a large jar of clover honey.

 Busy bees.

 Click to enlarge.

 Who knew?

 Sauerkraut making.

 Adding salt.


 Letters of credit accepted...haha.

 Fried mush is fried cornmeal, think polenta. It is served with maple syrup.

 The community garden.

 Samples of what they grow.

 Leaves made from gourds.

 Decorated gourds.

 Lamps made from gourds.

Hope you enjoyed this festival.  We are now into Fall festival season so we will have lots more to post soon.