Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Storm Missed Us

This is what I saw when I looked outside this morning.

All we got was a dusting.

Teddy was happy.

My potting table looks like it is ready for spring.

As are my raised planters.

Soon it will be time for the planters to be unwrapped.

I think Teddy is ready for some of this.

And for no snow on her driveway.

This is a distant memory from last year.

I would not mind the arrival of Spring as long as we don't immediately get hot and dry.

And I really miss my fresh herbs. I hate paying for them this time of year.

And fresh tomatoes will be very welcome too.

I finally cleaned up my homegrown leeks.

And I prepped all of those veggies from yesterday.

And I am turning all of the discards into vegetable stock today.