Sunday, May 25, 2014


We headed out early yesterday to attend a walleye festival but quickly realized we had miscalculated the distance. It was too far away so we settled for a ribfest instead. 
 This was a first for me.  Though I have seen these on tv, I had never visited one before.  $5.00 admission.

 We arrived just as they opened.

 You can imagine what this would look like in a few hours.

 Click to enlarge any photos.

 BBQ groups from all over the country set up their booths.

 They advertise all of their awards.

 Each of them has a very unique name.

 The cheapest item at each booth is a rib sampler.  Three ribs for 7.00.  Not cheap.

 You can buy anything from a sampler to a full rack with all the sides.

 The customers vote on whose ribs are the best.

 Grab a table because they fill up fast.

 You could buy giant smoked turkey legs here.

 The Golden Pig Award.'s not just for cows!

 A pit master.

 Don't let your pig die in vain,  Eat at Big Boner BBQ.  (this is just wrong in so many ways)

 They have the best butts in town.

 These guys were very enthusiastic about having their photo taken.

 Kids are welcome to go inside the ball and roll.  We tried one rib sampler and left.  I decided I really am not a fan of ribs.

 We drove home through small towns that were decked out for Memorial Day.

 We saw lots of houses decorated for the holiday.

 We passed this cute florist with giant flowers growing out of it's roof.

 Some of the small towns were just drop dead cute.

 This is the nicest dry stone wall I have ever seen.

 Perfect weather for Memorial Day weekend.

 A silo and a cloud.

 An old house and a cloud.

 Have a great holiday weekend if you are celebrating!