Monday, February 16, 2015

Korentovanje Festival Day 2

The Korentovanje Festival is a Slovenian festival held the second week of February in Cleveland each year to chase away winter.

The Kurents wear these big brass bells and shake them to scare away winter.

You can play this video to get an idea of what it sounds like.  This year you will hear the sound of the blowing winds.  It had been snowing like crazy until just before the parade started.
The big scary korents did not do their job this year.  They shortened the parade dramatically and headed straight for the Slovenian Hall as fast as they could.  I timed it, the whole parade lasted 4 minutes.  I was glad they were able to hold it at all.

These poor band members were freezing. The grapes could be turned into ice wine.

I think Teddy would freeze before the kurents.  Their costumes are made in Slovenia using yak hair.

A few people braved it on bikes.

Not ideal conditions to say the least.

And then it was over.  Sorry about the bad weather kurents!  We will be back next year!

Then the snow really began to come down again. And we headed home. 

But first we made a stop at a local polish meat market to buy a Big Billy.  Sorry for the photo quality.  This thing was 16 inches long!  We wolfed down a few bites and then the Blog Tech started to wrap it up.  I told him not to put it too far away because chances were good we would Polish it off before we got home.  We never did finish it but we managed to turn it into a Little Willy.  It was the best kielbasa I've ever had and this Polish girl has eaten her share of kielbasa.

It got worse and worse as we drove.

It's never good when you see this on the way.

It took us three times as long to get home but we arrived safely and full of kielbasa.  We are devoted Korentovanje fans.