Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

My favorite day of the year.

But it has been canceled here.

And re-scheduled for this coming Saturday.

I understand that they did this because it is still raining and is very cold.

But I think Halloween should be on Halloween no matter what.

This seems like canceling Christmas due to a snow storm.

We aren't flooded and don't even have many trees down.

And here I am sit with 150 goodie bags ready to pass out and no trick or treaters. Plus, I am betting some people won't know it's been canceled so there will be confusion.

By Saturday I will be in full Thanksgiving mode.

And I will already be in Halloween countdown for next year.

I remember trick or treating in the snow.

Wearing costumes under winter coats.

It just doesn't seem right.

So maybe I will pout a bit.

And keep my eye on really scary things this Halloween night.  I hope you all have a good one!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Party II

 This post takes us up to one side of the guest house.  When my daughter was living here, this room was used as her closet.  All of this furniture will be going to The Blog Tech's new house.  I just bought him his first house about 2 blocks away form me.  It is a great house and perfect for him. Actually a lot of furniture from this house will be going to his new one.

 This is the bathroom on this side of the top floor.

 I bought this cute mat in Amish country.

 This is my daughter's bedroom.

 This old oak dresser was in her nursery when she was still in a crib.

 A nice big comfy bed.

 That is her dollhouse from when she was small.

To get to the other bedrooms you have to go back downstairs, cross to the other side and go up the steps that are to the left of the mirror.  Click for a closer look at the mirror.  I bought this in Saratoga Springs, New York and it was all handmade by a local guy. It fits so well into the Black Forest theme in the house.

We have had 4 inches of rain so far.  My roof is leaking.  But, it was not nearly as bad as predicted.  Hope it continues this way.  We have at least 3 more inches of rain on the way.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Party at the Guest House

I held the party at the guest house so Teddy would not eat my guests.  Check out my new iPhone cover! For all of you 'House Tour' lovers, this post is for you

 The ghost cake and a chocolate double diablo cake.  Not a crumb was left of the chocolate cake.

 I hung a Halloween curtain over the hall window. Click to enlarge photos for a better look.

 This is the bronze door knocker on the powder room door.

 This is the powder room with the original mud slip tile floor.  This house is so private that I don't have curtains on any of the bathroom windows.

 I have a Halloween theme going on all through the guest house.

 The framed medal over the pot is my marathon medal.

 Original radiators and Halloween magazines for your reading enjoyment!  I have radiators in my main house as well.  I love radiator heat!

 In the powder room looking out to the hall.

 These hands are the night light in the PR.

 A display of Halloween candy for my guests.

 My daughter and I bought these wine glasses in Salem last year.

 Looking towards the kitchen you can see my green bowl collection.

The top pic shows the Hansel and Gretel and the witch cuckoo clock. The bottom pic shows my kitchen witch hat and matching apron.  Just outside the door is the big lower pond so you can hear the water running all of the time. It is so peaceful.

 These doors lead to the patio and the outdoor fireplace.  Check out what sits just above the door.

 Between this room and it's twin room are double back to back fireplaces.  The open door leads to the large front porch.

 The twin room on the other side.  The closed door on the left is a twin to the other door and also leads to the front porch.  This house was a duplex when I bought it.  I opened up the entire first floor but kept the upstairs separated to give privacy to guests.

 Modern Romance.  The artist painted it when aides first presented itself.

 The back to back fireplace.  I boxed in the radiators under the front windows.

 Twin front windows too.  They look out on the front porch.  They also have the original stained glass panels at the top.

 The other side of the fireplace. This turned out to be the perfect party house. The flow is ideal.

 Twin window on the other side.

 This table is made from Oriental Bittersweet.

 The kitchen windows look out onto the terraced fruit orchard.

 My kitchen apothecary cabinet.

 The TV cabinet is a hunt scene and holds my Royal Doulton mug collection.  I have had this fox painting since I was in my early 20's.  I will show you more of the guest house tomorrow.

The storm is heading straight for us.  They are forecasting constant winds of 40 MPH and gusts up to 70 MPH.  We are supposed to get 10 inches of rain.  We might lose power so I might be MIA for a few days.  I am praying that my roof is not going to leak and my awnings won't blow off.  Teddy knows something is going on.  I found her standing in a corner in my basement.  Smart pup!  I hope all of you in the line of Sandy stay safe as well as your animals.