Sunday, September 15, 2013

Country Living Fair Part 2

 I took more photos of the fair than I realized so I will post more for those of you that like seeing them. This booth carries some really cute and unique items.

 Click to enlarge for a closer look.

 I love these velvet pumpkins.

 What a great use for a vintage airstream trailer.

 Ghost gourds hanging in a tree.

 One area of the fair.

 I love this woman's pottery.

 These pumpkins are finished on both sides so you can hang them in a window and enjoy them from the inside and outside.

 Redware....and I managed to leave without buying any.

 This year, Fancy Flours had a booth at the show.

 They were doing demonstrations at the main tent.

 These straw pumpkins are very impressive.

More tomorrow.