Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Halloween

This is going to be an unusually busy month. I have house guests for the next two weekends, then a reunion the following weekend and then my daughter has an event she will need me to help her with at the end of the month. So, after a horribly slow, boring, hotter than hell summer, it is time for me to hit the ground running. If I happen to repeat photos or you notice that some are blurred, it is because right now my life is a blur. But, I am still decorating!

I pulled out some of my Halloween signs.

And some of my Halloween jewelry.

I made more Turkish roasted peppers.

And some oven baked tomatoes. These will be used over the weekend.

One of the small signs went on the windowsill.

I've been placing mushrooms around the house.

I got out the vintage witch boudoir doll.

And the old witch cookie jar.

Some of my favorite handcrafted pieces.

One of the decorated shelves. You might have to click on the pics. I literally ran through the house to get this post together.

The witch boot scrapes are in position and my favorite window sitter is on top of the window.

And the black cats are keeping guard under the witch.