Saturday, December 29, 2012

Broken Computer 4

At least we are getting more snow!!!   A lot of people have enquired about how I destroyed my computer and how the screen replacement cost 660.00.  It hurts to even type that.  I use an Apple laptop with a 17 inch screen.  I have had it for about 4 years and it has been a great computer.  I use it in the kitchen for most of the day and the screen is a dust and grease magnet.  I have always used a slightly damp paper towel with a drop of dawn dish detergent to wipe down the screen. Then I dry it with another dry paper towel.  I have done this several times a week for 4 years.  Four days ago when I did this, I guess the paper towel was a bit too damp.  Water leaked into the bottom of my screen and fried it.   The 17 inch is no longer made though the Apple store happened to have one screen replacement left in that size.  The cheapest new Apple laptop would cost over 2000.00.  Both kids just got new laptops for Christmas so the last thing I wanted to do was buy a third.  So, I bit the bullet and went for the screen replacement.  I am chalking this up to a very expensive lesson learned and water of any kind will never get close to my computer again.  We already have about 8 inches of snow this morning with another 6 inches on the way.  It is distracting me from my computer crisis!  Fingers crossed that I get my computer back today!  Meanwhile I am baking simit and making a big Turkish brunch.