Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Poach an Egg

I had a request for poached eggs for breakfast this morning.  In case you don't know an easy way to poach an egg, I thought I would show you how it can easily be done.

One of the keys to a perfectly poached egg is the temperature of the water.  It should just have bubbles forming along the bottom of the water.  Add a splash of white vinegar, less than 1 tsp. will do.

Break your eggs into individual ramekins then swirl the water in a circular motion.  Let the egg slip out of the ramekin into the center of the little whirlpool.

They initially look horrible.
Just use your spatula or spoon to shape them and pull them together.  A large egg will cook in about 4 minutes.
Scoop them out and lay them on paper towels to drain.

I served them over some grilled cheese bread with extra buttered toast finger for dipping.