Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Fair

Teddy says hello!  She just had a drink and has a wet mane.  This is a short post because we headed out early for another fair and I have lots of photos to sort through before I can post them.
 We stopped by a cute and rather strange Amish market.

 The Blog Tech got an apple cider smoothie which made him very happy.

Look at this cute little Amish girl pushing a doll that is almost as big as she is.

 So tomorrow, after I make about a million cabbage rolls for the shelter, I will post pics of the fair.  Here are some photos of sandwiches I continue to make with the stecca bread I showed you a couple days ago.  This bread makes the best sandwiches ever.  This one is coppa and brie with dijon mustard.

 This one is prosciutto and brie with butter.

 Back sometime tomorrow.