Friday, April 12, 2013

Potted Pansies

 Remember the painted coffee cans from the other day?  This is what I did with them.

Using a screw driver and hammer, I punched holes in the bottom of all the cans.  Btw...I did not drink this coffee on my own.  I drink 1 cup of coffee each morning consisting of about 1 inch of coffee and the rest is milk.  And it takes me all morning to drink it. Someone else has a bad coffee habit.
 I lined the cans with coffee filters which works better than using stones.

 Then I filled them all with potting soil.

 Watered them thoroughly.

 Let them drain.

I have them sitting on the potting table until I decide where to place them.

You could paint them any color you like and even paint them in assorted colors too.