Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On The Way To Zoar

We drove through God's country!

Lot's happening in Scio for a tiny town!

And who would have thunk it?

Custer's first stand!

A busy day in Scio.

Uh oh....strangers are driving through town. I stepped on the gas a bit!

I don't think I will be back for this.

Leaving downtown Scio...that took about 20 seconds! Notice the buggy crossing sign!

I bet they pack them in for this. Click to enlarge.

Ah ha....a buggy sighting!

Come to mama!

No smile for the camera.

This is pretty much what we saw for hours.

And this.

And corn...lots of corn. Where there is natural gas there is oil. So, you see these pumps everywhere.

A log home.

And finally we arrive in Zoar.

The cupola on the old Zoar Hotel.

The Zoar Store. How cute is that name?

The goats were very curious about us.

But not so much about Teddy. They were looking for a way out.
The front of the Zoar Hotel.

More photos of the trip tomorrow! AND....tomorrow is cone liberation day!