Sunday, August 11, 2013

Buying Locally

These first two items were not bought locally though I got them on etsy so at least I am supporting small business.
You just have to love etsy.  You can get anything you want there.  These are from the artist that made my Octoberfarm signs from a while back.  I asked her if she could make me some metal witches and she sure came through.  Click for a better look.
 I have decided to start buying as much of our food as possible from local farmers.  There are lots of farms producing grass fed beef and that is what I will be buying from now on.  We are lucky enough to have lots of smokehouses not far from us and I am buying from them as well.  I found this guanciale and smoked fat at one.


 Local bacon.

 One shop makes their own prosciutto and it is the best I have ever had.  And it is only 17.99 per pound.  They slice it so thin that it practically melts on your tongue.

 More local bacon, smoked summer sausage, smoked salmon and ham.

 Local honey and maple syrup.  The cutting board is on sale at Michael's right now. Not quite a local purchase!

 Grass fed t-bones, ground beef and sage beef sausage.  This is from a guy that raises grass fed Texas Longhorns.

 Lots of vegetables to make a huge tian for the shelter.

 And always my favorite, local free range eggs!