Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Gardens

The phlox is in full bloom.

And Teddy is on patrol.

The raised beds are about to be disassembled. The stink bugs ruined my fruits and vegetables last year. Basically, my gardens were stink bug magnets. They devoured them and all I got out of them were the bugs. I can't believe it but I am not planting anything this year. I need to see if this will effect the number of bugs I have to deal with this year. Perhaps my bugs will fly off to find food somewhere else. If so, I won't be planting gardens until someone figures out how to get rid of these nasty things.

Phlox by the upper pond.

Really tall tulips by the copper mushroom path lighting.

The hostas are opening.

So are the ferns.

Look at the size of those hostas and they aren't even fully open.

Wild strawberries have spread all over my gardens.

A Japanese painted fern.

Sweet Woodruff on the steps.

Poison Ivy. It is coming out today because I am deadly allergic to it.

Ladies Mantle spreads like crazy!

The lower pond....Teddy's water bowl.

Teddy waiting patiently for me to return to the upper gardens.