Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Party II

 This post takes us up to one side of the guest house.  When my daughter was living here, this room was used as her closet.  All of this furniture will be going to The Blog Tech's new house.  I just bought him his first house about 2 blocks away form me.  It is a great house and perfect for him. Actually a lot of furniture from this house will be going to his new one.

 This is the bathroom on this side of the top floor.

 I bought this cute mat in Amish country.

 This is my daughter's bedroom.

 This old oak dresser was in her nursery when she was still in a crib.

 A nice big comfy bed.

 That is her dollhouse from when she was small.

To get to the other bedrooms you have to go back downstairs, cross to the other side and go up the steps that are to the left of the mirror.  Click for a closer look at the mirror.  I bought this in Saratoga Springs, New York and it was all handmade by a local guy. It fits so well into the Black Forest theme in the house.

We have had 4 inches of rain so far.  My roof is leaking.  But, it was not nearly as bad as predicted.  Hope it continues this way.  We have at least 3 more inches of rain on the way.