Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This is what I did with all of the sauerkraut I bought at the festival the other day.  I made a huge vat of pork and sauerkraut with kielbasa for the shelter.  I also made a huge vat of mashed potatoes to go with it.
 There was a petting zoo at the festival.

 This little guy was for sale.

 Chickens and roosters and info on all the breeds.

 Cute goats.

 These two girls were in a pen next to the knitted alpaca items for sale.

 A blacksmith demonstration.

 They had entertainment too.  Notice the guy is wearing one of those animal hats.

 Mennonite girls grooving to the tunes.

 A beekeeper and his honey.

 A candle maker.


 A railroad pump cart.

 A miniature train.

 A mennonite girl with her little brother who had his face painted.

 Hope you enjoyed the festival.