Thursday, March 19, 2015

What I Saw and What I Bought

I am one of those people that just loves driving n the country.  I am never bored checking out each farm and enjoying the solitude.  Living in the city does this to you.
 I spied this old log cabin.

 And nothing like the raging creeks when the snow melts in the mountains.

 All that water has to go somewhere and it ends up in the river in front of my house and usually floods part of my city.

 Some people still use buckets.

But most of the shacks now use the tubing which leads to holding tanks which feeds the boiler.
 Almost all of the sugar shacks sell some kind of maple candy coated nuts and they are all good!

 Maple syrup taffy.

 Maple syrup is sold in all sorts of decorative bottles.  The maple leaf is always my favorite.

 Maple syrup (cakes) candy.

 Maple candy bunnies for Easter.

 Maple cream, which is one of the most decadent things you could ever eat.  You spread it on a piece of freshly baked bread and you are in maple heaven.

 I always try to buy the darkest syrup I can find.  The lightest is the most popular but the darkest has the best flavor.  And if this is not enough maple for everyone, we are off to another festival on Saturday!