Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amish Country

On a cold rainy day we headed off early to Amish Country in the middle of Ohio.

Click on any of the pics to enlarge them. The leaves have not fully changed yet but the views were wonderful.

You know you've arrived when you start seeing these signs.

You pass through one cute little town after another.

You can always spot an Amish barn because there will be no electrical or phone lines running to them.

Teddy kept a sharp eye out for 'big puppies' and made her strange strangling sort of cry each time she spotted some. What goes through that bean of hers?

I took most of these photos while I was driving so as who might imagine, I missed a great deal of things. Actually at least 1/2 of them were pics of the sky and the ground. This was an interesting scene. Crosses and American flags and I missed capturing the huge Star of David next to them.

The more rural you get the more of these you see. There were big blowup Halloween decorations all over the countryside.

This part of Ohio was settled by the Swiss and you can see it in the architecture of many of the homes and buildings.

I have no idea what to make of this. I mean, they drive buggies because they don't use cars so isn't this sort of against the religion?

Every store has a special parking area for the buggies.

You can find this area by following the poop. Poop happens!

This guy looked pretty bored.

This is a new complex which just recently opened.

I think the Amish family that owns it lives in this house.

Most of the women wear these caps.

Artistic straw.

Beautifully decorated.

The entire inside of the store was lined around the ceiling with these old fashioned vignettes.

Buggy traffic.

This is one of the absolutely cutest store I have visited in a long time.

They had things I have never seen before for your house and garden. They ship and they have an online store.

There was so much to look at I could have spent hours in this place. But Teddy was waiting outside and she is impatient.

I love this chair. There was a matching love seat too. It is upholstered with burlap.

Look at these fairy gardens you can buy! If you want to make your own, they sell all the items in their garden shed.

They even have tiny little wheel barrows and gates. Tomorrow I will show you the rest of the trip.

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