Thursday, October 27, 2011

Salem II

We went back to Salem yesterday.

We visited all of the witch shops. When we were in this one, a woman came in and asked if they had dust that you could sprinkle on you to make you fly. They said no, they do not carry such a thing. I was so disappointed, I wanted the woman to buy some and I was going to follow her home. I wonder if such a thing exists and do they put a disclaimer on it?

A message on a pole!

Messages everywhere...some scarier than others.

Lots to be seen.

The Blog Tech was a really good sport once again!

The depths of his goofiness never cease to amaze me.

Treats for sale.

The Blog Tech is in the stocks.

We always visit the Old Burying Point.

The tombstones are so interesting.

Oh no!!! Dead Blog Tech. He dies here every year. He has done this for me since he was 3 or 4 years old.

I love this house right next to The Burying Point. I have no idea why it never goes up for sale. I would love to live right next to The Burying Point.

This zombie is seriously scary. He moves and he is covered in bugs.

A grapevine pentagram.

I told The Blog Tech that I was going to buy the 'I'm With Creepy' t-shirt and wear it when I am hanging out with him.

There are lots of historical houses bearing plaques all over town.

What a cute place.

And then I spotted this.

A cute name for a restaurant.

And then it was time for The Blog Tech to do his thing again.

More tomorrow!!!