Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trough Gardening in My Driveway

Why do I have a garden in my driveway?  Because most of my 2 acres is too shady to grow things that need sun.  When I created my big garden down below, it did very well for the first few years.  I was giving veggies away because I had more than I could use.  But, as trees grew, they shaded the garden.  I hate removing trees unless I absolutely have to.  So, I figured if i can grow my sun vegetables elsewhere, I can raise vegetables that grow in semi shade in the lower garden.  If I have learned anything about gardening through the years, it's that you have to be flexible.
 In the past, my herbs have bolted far too early.  This year I bought slow bolt seeds and am growing most of them in a shadier part of the driveway. Some of my radishes are growing here too.

 They seem to be quite happy in this spot.

 These are French breakfast radishes, one of my most favorites.

 My bay trees wintered overed in my garden room and are showing lots of new growth.  How I love having my own fresh bay leaves!

 These are bush zucchini and cucumbers.  The front pot to the left has jalapenos in it.

 The biggest trough holds most of my tomatoes and they are under planted with basil and marigolds.  When you are doing container gardening, it is important to utilize your space well.

 I planted columnar cherries and apples in galvanized buckets.  If these do well, I will be adding pears and peaches next year.

 This trough holds some Ichiban eggplants and okra as well as cherry tomatoes.

 I planted basil and marigolds in it too.  Marigolds do a  good job at keeping bugs away.

 This is a spindly cherry which just arrived.  I don't think it will do much this year except sprout a few leaves. I planted basil at it's base too.

I planted quite a few pots of carrots.
So far so good but there is a long summer ahead of us. I will be very careful to keep everything evenly watered.

 I just planted my urns as well.  I always plant sweet potatoes because you can tell by looking at them how dry everything else is.  They are the first things to wilt when you have dry conditions.

 Slowly but surely the groaning board which is the potting table is lightening up.

 My lettuce loves it's new location in indirect sun.  Arugula is planted in the lower bin.

 The pool is open but not yet running.  We don't use chemicals in our pool.  We have a copper filtration system.  The pool needs to sit for a few days before we turn it on.  I have so many blossoms falling from my Black Locusts that it is a good idea to wait for a week.