Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Mirror Chains

 Click for a better look.  I had trouble getting good photos of the mirror chains but I had several requests to show how I make these so here goes.

 Buy bags of mosaic mirror tiles or pick up an old mirror at a thrift store and cut it into little squares. Get some fishing line and fast setting glue.

 Cut a piece of the fishing line to the length you desire. Lay it over the back of one of the tiles and put a dab of glue on it.

 Press the back of another tile onto the one with glue.

 Continue down the line spacing them about 1  1/2 inches apart.  Let it sit until the glue dries.

 Make sure you have a handy helper nearby.

 Hang them from a branch in your garden where the sun will reflect off of them.

 When the sun hits them, little sparkles of light dance on the ground. Again, they are hard to photograph but they are really very pretty.

 A special cool spot on a hot day.

 My clematis is covered in blossoms.

 I already have over 2 dozen green tomatoes.  I am fertilizing with compost tea and these plants are loving it.  If you want to try this, just fill a bucket with compost and add water.  Let it sit for 24 hours.  Pour the water from the bucket into a sprinkler can and water your plants.Do this a couple times a week.

If you look closely here you can see 2 mirror chains.