Friday, May 13, 2016

The Lunatic Asylum part III

 In stark contrast to these wards.....

 There are areas of the asylum that look like this.  This is the communal area in the doctors wing.

 The doctors study.

 The grounds the patients could gaze out on.

 Reception areas where visitors would sit, they never saw the wards.

 An area where you could take tea with a visitor if you were lucky enough to have one.

 A seclusion cell.

 The seclusion ward.

 Here are some examples of patients art.

 These are from the late 80's and early 90's just before the asylum closed.

 Click on any of these to enlarge.

 We were told innumerable stories about patients doing anything they could to not be released from this facility.  As odd as it sounds. most of these patients spent their lives here and had nowhere to go when they left.  The sad truth is that when these facilities were closed in the 90's, these people ended up on the streets and in jails.  As a society, we need something in the middle, but what is the answer.

 Click to enlarge this to see how easily any one of us could have ended up here.

Though this may seem macbre to many, remember, people tour Aushwitz too.  I only see hope for the future by educating ourselves about the past.