Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Piss and Moan

 Okay, I might be a pisser but I am not much of a moaner but today I am both.  At the end of a long day yesterday, being locked in the house with Teddy while painting and carpentry was being done, the head carpenter announced that they had completed the back porch. Yay...a small step forward in a massive project.  And have I mentioned that we hired the best general contractor in our region to do this?  I looked through the door a couple times and looked up from the patio to gaze at the ready to be painted back porch with a sense of satisfaction that things were going well.  Then last evening, I finally went out on the porch for a closer look.  As I perused the job something caught my eye and I reached out and pulled on one of the spindles. If you notice, this spindle is right next to the post they replaced yesterday.

Then I pulled on another.

And two more.

Apparently someone had checked some spindles because I found this too.  Needless to say I am waiting for a phone call from the general contractor this morning.  And it goes without saying that if I had not found this, the painters would have painted right over them.  I have done many, many projects in my day and they all have some version of this story.  So, a word to the wise, look closely, look very closely when you have work done.  This is why people hate to get involved in projects like this. And on a side note, this will probably add another 3-4 weeks on a project that has already been estimated to last 3 months.  I'll be lucky if it is done before the first snow.

Maybe tomorrow I will let Teddy stay outside and supervise the workers.