Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Glass and a Plea

 I went back to the thrift store where I bought the depression glass for my daughter last week and to my surprise, they had more. I got her a set of 8 of these cups and saucers for 14.99.

 And this candlestick.  I'm sure there is another one in their backroom somewhere. Or maybe someone bought it.

 Another cute covered bowl. These pieces were all between 1.99 and 4.99.

 I'm thinking that this, at some point, had a lid.

 And these pretty plates were 99 cents.

Remember, I served one of the little cakes on one.

*Okay, I am hoping someone has a suggestion for getting pills into an impossible dog, Teddy. She is taking  Enrofloxacin for a bladder infection.  They make her sicker than well, a dog. The vet said they are very bitter tasting.  I have used everything I can think of....smoked salmon, every kind of cheese in existence, ground beef, ground lamb, bacon, ham, you name it.  Forget peanut butter, she hates it.  She knows the pills are in all of these things and she won't even look at them.  I can't shove it down her throat because I really like having hands. So, if anyone has some genius full proof pill ideas, I am open to suggestions.  Or even if you just have a non pill taking dog story, misery loves company.