Monday, August 11, 2014

A Festival in the Woods

 We went to one of our favorite festivals yesterday.  I love how it is set in the woods.
 Stilt walking.

 Their signature fried bologna sandwich.


 The band was just setting up.

 Such pretty flowers.

 Antiques and crafts.

 I wanted the large wooden box on the front porch but I have nowhere to use it. It was so nice and really well made.

 This woman was caning and selling chairs.

 Pottery.  Click any photo to enlarge.

 Iron works.

 This guy was making beautiful rocking horses.

 Shaker furniture.

 These were so pretty.

 They are copper plant hangers. The plants are rooted in the glass vials filled with water.

 Decorative tree.

 Wonderful detail on the green man.

 Some tastes of Fall.

 The Blog Tech got his pot roast parfait.  Pot roast and mashed potatoes topped with fried onions.

 I would love to scatter these giant mushrooms through my woods.

 This is such a cool thing to do with dead trees.

 You could buy Jesus with or without thorns.

 More Fall.

 Garden ceramics.

 Beautiful brooms.

I felt sorry for these little guys having to work outside in the heat all day. I wish they would have had them under the trees too.  It's so much cooler in there.