Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's All About The Food

I am cooking all day today so you get another day of Teddy.

Teddy loves to eat. And she knows exactly how to let me know she is hungry. Look at her. Is there any doubt what she is telling me?

Sometimes she gets a little crazed when she gets something she really likes.

Who could turn down this request?

She lets me know when she really likes something too.

More please?

These dried liver treats are her absolute favorites. She gets one twice a day and let's me know precisely when it is treat time.

Pure treat bliss.

Too bad they don't last longer.

She sits directly under the burner while her food is cooking. I have to straddle her to get to the pan.

The bowl is emptied in seconds. I swear she does not even chew it.

So close yet so far away.

Teddy never turns down a treat.

Licking her chops.

The same scene day after day.

Food Food.....put some in my mouth.


Even on vacation she waits right below the burner on the stove. Sometimes the wait is too long and she takes a little nap.

She has a great food memory. She knows this shop in Rockport passes out dog biscuits and has a bowl of water outside. As soon as we get her out of the car she heads straight to this place.

I'll post a good new recipe tomorrow.