Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thrift Stores

 I haven't gone to thrift stores in ages but I have a few future projects in mind so I ventured out to see what I could find.  Score!  I found a lot of what I was looking for. We have such excellent thrift stores.  I got this tiered tray for 6.99.  It looks like it's never been used.

 Same with these two lanterns which I will paint.  They were 99 cents each.

 I rarely find witch items let alone Halloween but I found this perfect little witch.

 79 cents and hand crafted by Christians...really?

 And what a find this is.  This is a vintage pressed glass platter which is 2 feet in diameter.  It is in perfect condition without even a flea bite on it.  9.99!

 I make so many platters for events that this will be heavily used by me.

 A pyrex storge container for 1.99.

 I didn't really need this but it's Wilton and it was 1.99 so I bought it anyway.

 With Easter coming up, a 99 cent deviled egg server will come in handy,

 I picked up lots of different glass pieces for one of my projects and if I don't use them all, I can make them into garden totems.  59-99 cents each.

Finally, I found two brand new cooling racks.....99 cents for the pair.  Now I just need to draw the line between what I need and hoarding!