Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A new wreath.

When my daughter saw the stars I made she requested a retro wreath. I had an old metal wreath frame I used but you could use a Styrofoam, metal, grapevine or even a circle of sturdy cardboard. I bought this glittery white snowflake tinsel garland at the craft store. I laid it against the form and hot glued it in place. Lots of swears involved again!

Then I started adding thrift shop Christmas bulbs. I glued them into place.

I had no idea where I was going with this. It just sort of developed as I went along. I added some small colored bulbs.

My daughter loved the final result!

I also made a real wreath.

I'm not so happy with this one and intend to add to it when i get time. First I glued bulbs in several areas of the wreath but it looked rather lame.

Then I add a lot more bulbs and it is better but still not great. The bow has to go. Sometimes you can see things much better through photographs than you can in person.

I am really busy doing prep work for Thanksgiving. I made my gravy, pie crusts and cranberry sauce this morning. I will show pics of them tomorrow.

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