Thursday, August 6, 2015

Feeding My House Guests

I like to make special treats for guests when they come to visit.  I made them some small cakes yesterday.  Then I wrapped them in cute little boxes.
 I used small springform pans and made rich yellow cakes.

 They are so cute.

I missed taking a few pics.  I split them in half, spread them with homemade strawberry jam and then frosted them with a vanilla bean buttercream.
 I had some extra batter so I made my husband a small cake too.
When they were done I chilled them and then wrapped them up.
I remembered to take a pic of my husbands cake.  The guests cakes were much cuter.

 I picked some tomatoes and a cucumber and made a caprese salad with some proscuitto and chorizo. I cut a bunch of basil and made pesto for the salad instead of just using basil leaves.

 And I baked some French bread to go with it.