Monday, July 21, 2014

Spruce Forest

 After we left the Amish market, we visited this charming village.

 It is an artists enclave.

 They not only sell their creations but they teach classes and give demonstrations too.

 All of the buildings sit beneath the majestic spruce trees.

 The iron smith had some great pieces for sale.  The gate was priced at 1400.00.

 The wood smiths studio.

 You can see just inside, he had beautiful pepper mills for sale.

 This is a bird carvers shop.  He lives upstairs.

 Sculptures for sale.

 It is such a serene setting.  The village is nestled right at the base of huge mountains.

 These are some of the nicest log cabins I have ever seen.

 A basket studio.

 An old headstone. Click for a closer look.

 A weaver's studio.

 The pottery studio.

Inside one of the cabins.